Monterey makes a range of great-value acoustics, acoustic/electrics, electric guitars, basses, resonator guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukeleles, amplifiers and accessories that all offer a great array of features and playability at an affordable price.

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100 Series
The Monterey 100 series represent a great value line up of guitars using classic tone woods. The range of instruments includes larger dreadnoughts, small body, slim-line and folk guitars. .
100 Series

The Monterey 100 series all come with a built-in tuner–either as part of a pickup system or as a separate innovative electronic tuner built into the guitar. The finish quality, sound and playability show incredible value.

200 Series
When you have the value for money Monterey delivers, it’s great to have the option of a guitar with special woods, with a special look that will make your choice original. The figured maple top on the MW-275TN will deliver this.
300 Series
A guitar’s top is responsible for much of its tone and–for well over 100 years–spruce has been the most used wood for the tops of guitars. It has a very close grain, which translates to great strength and wonderful tone. If your guitar has a solid spruce top, it will sound louder with better highs and lows and will also improve with age.
All Solid Series
The ultimate acoustic guitar is one that has all solid woods. That means solid top, back and sides. Monterey delivers great value all-solid guitars that you would normally expect to pay much more for. The range includes large body dreadnought guitars, small body folk guitars and parlour guitars. All these body shapes have their own tonal differences.
Resonator Guitars
In the days before amplified guitars, resonator guitars were a guitarist’s loudest option. Today these guitars are still sought after for their original tone–honky, mid-rangey, rustic, bluesy. Grab a slide and have a go or play normally and you’ll hear what we mean. Monterey deliver a range of resonators with the look, feel and sound you would expect. Add one to your collection.
Other Things With Strings
Monterey delivers well-priced traditional 5 and 6-string banjos; traditional teardrop and scroll top mandolins; plus banjo and mandolin starter packs that play well and are well priced. Monterey also has a huge range of ukuleles of different size and pickup configurations which are great value for money.
Acoustic Basses
A few years ago, the unplugged craze started and has not let up. These acoustic basses allow you to get together with a few friends and punch out some tunes at a level that won’t disturb the neighbours. If you want that acoustic bass sound louder, then plug it in and turn it up.
Classical Guitars
Nylon strings deliver a particular tone and feel for the classical style of playing and are also very popular for young beginners. Monterey has great-value nylon-string guitars in all the normal sizes, as well as solid top instruments that deliver the next level of tone.
Acoustic Guitar Packs
If you are starting out, one of the best ways to get going is a Monterey guitar pack. This way you get the instrument as well as a bag, picks, tuition DVD and all the accessories you will need.
Electric Guitars
Monterey MHM guitars have all the features the modern player requires. From high quality Entwistle humbucking pickups, tremolo or string through body designs, these are well priced guitars that deliver.
Electric Guitars
With the MEG Series, Monterey delivers a more traditional single cutaway shape with quality Entwistle humbucking pickups for a big fat tone.
Electric Guitars
If you want a great clean sound then the Monterey MGS Series is what you should look at. Single coil pickups give a great clean tone and can also dirty up if you need it. These are great value instruments.
Bass Guitars
Monterey basses offer a range of traditional and modern designs that offer amazing value to beginners through to intermediate players. Higher-end models include high-quality Entwistle pickups, active EQ for a huge range of tones and excellent playablity.
Electric Guitar & Bass Packages
If you are starting out, one of the best ways to get going is a Monterey electric guitar or bass pack. This way you get a great playable instrument with a classic design as well as a bag, picks, tuition DVD and all the accessories you will need..